photojojoHave you dropped by the Photojojo site recently? This happens to be a site that has been specially dedicated to all things photography. Photojojo comprises of a Brooklyn-based camera-obsessed team who offer various photo tips, in addition to DIY projects after going through what the Internet, books and magazines have to offer in terms of the latest gadgets and gizmos. In fact, one of their most recent designs would be the Smartphone Spy Lens, where this spanking new accessory would arrive in the form of a mirror box which is attached magnetically to the device’s camera, and it is capable of snapping photos of unassuming suspects at a 90-degree angle. This is rather sneaky, since it uses its periscope-like capability to capture someone without having to actually ‘point’ the device at them.

Not only that, it will also let you be a little bit cheeky, shooting photos from around the corner, in addition to obtaining low compositions in a far more simple manner. The Smartphone Spy Lens will rely on a magnet instead of a more solid attachment method so that you can turn the lens easily, letting you gain a different view with each twist. The asking price for the Smartphone Spy Lens from Photojojo stands at $20 a pop.

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