pokemon-old-newTime sure passes by when you are having fun, and has it been that long since the Pokemon revolution hit the video game market? Nintendo must have made quite an impressive bundle via the Pokemon franchise over the years – running in its 17th year at the moment in fact, with its humble beginnings on the Nintendo Game Boy that took the world by storm. Well, what you see above is a comparison image which reminds you of the title’s early days, where other parts of the image are made up of different Pokemon versions, right up to the present day. Definitely worth checking out if you are a huge Pokemon fan for sure.

The image that you see above was posted on Twitter by user @Ugusyan, and needless to say, it has proven to be quite a hot topic after being retweeted across the social media site for over 21,000 times, with no sight of it stopping at any time soon. Just for the curious who are too lazy to do their homework, the image depicts an in-game map and sprites from Generation I all the way to Generation V, with this coming October marking the beginning of Generation VI as Pokemon X and Pokemon Y arrive on the scene.

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