Reuters and Ipsos surveyed 1,297 people online last week and found that 26 percent of them were likely to purchase the Sony PlayStation 4 over the Xbox One. Out of the 1,297 people surveyed, 15 percent said that they would go for Microsoft’s console. Only 3 percent of the people surveyed currently play games on the Wii U, whereas 20 percent each were with the Xbox 360 and PC while 18 percent were on Sony’s PlayStation 3. Both next generation consoles are going to be released in the U.S., and select international markets, this November, right around the time of the holiday shopping season boom.

A poll conducted between September 23rd and September 27th revealed that 41 percent of the 408 people below the age of 40 polled were for the PS4, while 27 percent were tilting towards the Xbox One. Obviously these numbers aren’t enough to form a judgement right now about the relative success and failure of each console. There has been much debate over Xbox One vs PlayStation 4, and both sides present tough arguments. Sony did pull one up on Microsoft as it announced that it has received more than one million pre-orders for the PS4, while Microsoft has only said that pre-orders for its latest console have exceeded that of the Xbox 360, which was first released nearly eight years ago. We’ll only know for sure where consumer demand stands once both consoles hit the market.

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