Sony recently confirmed its PlayStation 4 will support voice commands through its PlayStation Camera accessory, but up until now, we have yet to see the next-generation console in action. Sure – we’ve seen still images of the PS4’s user interface, but we definitely have been looking forward to seeing the console in action for ourselves. Luckily, you won’t have to wait until November 15 to see it for yourself as Sony has just given us a taste of the PlayStation 4’s user interface during their Gamescom presentation.

The demo was performed by Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida as he sits in a swanky-looking chair while he plays around with his PlayStation 4. The video shows what it’ll be like for PlayStation 4 owners once they boot up the console as they’ll be greeted with a user selection screen, then to a screen that shows information regarding what games you own, what your friends are doing, new DLC alerts, and if your friends have published any videos or screenshots.

What impressed me the most during the presentation is how Yoshida-san was able to view someone’s live feed of a multiplayer match in Killzone: Shadow Fall, where he could have commented on the action, but instead, joined the game almost instantaneously. The experience was completely seamless and one that we can’t wait to experience for ourselves.

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