pwrglassWhile Google Glass has yet to be made available to the masses on a commercial scale, this does not mean that everyone else has forgotten about it. No sir, that is not the case at all, and it goes without saying that when Google Glass is finally made available to the masses, it is going to be highly desirable. The question is this, does it have enough clout to support a third party accessory manufacturer? Battery life being a bane of most modern day devices might prove to be incentive enough for future Glass owners to pony up a little bit of extra cash in order to purchase an extended battery for Google Glass, and this is where PWRglass comes in – moving away from the concept phase and testing out the extended battery for Glass in the real world.

The folks behind PWRglass claim that PWRglass is capable of shooting two hours and 22 minutes of non-stop video when using PWRglass, which is a huge jump of over 100% when you compare it to 51 minutes without it. Recently, the PWRglass team paid a visit to Google’s Los Angeles base station in order to pick up another Glass, where the entire visit was recorded followed by a trip to the beach afterward, all the while wearing the PWRglass without missing a beat.

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