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We know many long-time Pokemon fans are looking forward to the release of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y on the Nintendo 3DS in October, but if you’re a fan of the Pokemon card game, then you haven’t had to wait for anything as you’ve been enjoying your Pokemon game of choice for several years. We’re sure your deck is impressive, but it’ll never be the deck without the rarest card ever created, which is called “Illustrator.”

The card’s seller is pricing the rare Pokemon card at $100,00, although he’s aware not many card-game fans would pay that much for the card, so he’s opened the listing up to offers which one of them has gone as high as $47,000. The card could earn eBay seller Scott Pratte a higher amount, that is if the card wasn’t ungraded, which means it hasn’t had its condition professionally qualified.

We’re sure you’re wondering what exactly makes this card so rare. Well – the Illustrator was created as a limited batch printed back in 1997, with its origins dating back to the early days of Pokemon. The Illustrator cards are known for being cards that are the most expensive publicly auctioned non-sports cards ever. We just hope whoever purchases Pratte’s card won’t actually play with it, considering how valuable it is.

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