robot-fontWhat you see above might not be the most artistically inclined font that you have set your sights on, but it sure as heck is special. Why do we say so? Well, robots are not exactly the kind of “brain” that you would have expected to come up with something artistic, would you? After all, they are nothing but pre-programmed automatons, and whatever you “feed” it would result in a corresponding output. Having said that, the typeface above is known as Robosans, and it was so named because it is an effort to pay homage to the robot that created it.

Egyptian designer Mostafa El Abasiry decided to run an experiment that saw Robosans created by a robot. This particular robot actually gripped a brush, before it continued to sweep out its curves and create the relevant letters or alphabet as we know. It was not perfection right from the get go, but rather, a journey that involved a fair amount of trial and error. Still, at the end of it all, the results are definitely worthy of a report. I wonder if the Transformers or droids like C3-PO and R2-D2 would “approve” of such a font, or do they figure out that Robosans could have been much, much more?

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