macmurtrie-robotsIt is rather difficult to think that a robot could do up a Sistine Chapel equivalent in the future, but so far we have already talked about how a robot actually designed a font that was known as “Robosans”. Well, musically speaking, robots aren’t also the brightest bulb on the block, but Chico MacMurtrie whom you see in the image above is standing right beside a staircase, alongside other staff members who are over at the Amorphic Robot Works studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

The staff do tend to some of Mr. MacMurtrie’s music-making robots, where they are all located in what he calls his “Robotic Church” installation. Having nearly 30 years of robot building experience under his belt, his robots do not help out with the household chores, but rather, they were specially designed in a manner to music. Most of these music are syncopated rhythms. Majority of the robots are abstract in nature, and they are controlled by a concert of computers, pneumatic actuators and tiny motors. The entire collection will perform as an orchestra for the first time on the East Coast, and you have three free shows to enjoy on Sunday, September 22nd, at 111 Pioneer Street in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

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