roolenThe roolen Breath is a humidifier that will feature a sophisticated blend of design and technology, where it is capable of automatically detecting and adjusting the room’s humidity level according to your preference. Touted to be the first “intelligent humidifier”, the roolen Breath intends to push out any outdated equipment in your home, boasting a kind of proprietary technology which is capable of automatically detecting and adjusting humidity output levels so that you can enjoy maximum comfort in your own home. Not only that, this technology will increase efficiency through the production of smaller water molecules, which results in far lower energy and water consumption, not to mention delivering a longer and more comfortable living environment.

Specially designed to resemble fine porcelain, the roolen Breath will do away with pesky switches or knobs, where all it needs to get the job done is a solitary discreet button (hmmm, does this mean it is going the way of smartphones where less physical buttons is more?) that enables one to switch between three humidity output levels or modes. The design would hide an over-sized albeit whisper quiet motor which will shut itself off automatically whenever it runs out of water. Measuring a mere 10” in height, the roolen Breath tips the scales at under 2.5 pounds and is ideal for spaces or rooms that are no larger than 400 square feet in size. You can choose from ivory white or jet black shades later this month for $129 a pop.

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