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Samsung SM-N601 And SM-N605 Seen In Shipping Manifest

SM N605 and SM N601Samsung has long adopted the strategy of offering a little bit of something for everyone, and the same applies to tablets as well as smartphones. Frankly, I have more or less lost track on the number of tablets that Samsung has released so far, but we do know that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 range might just be on the receiving end of a new 10” successor. How did we figure that out? Well, apparently a couple of variants of a yet unnamed tablet which came with the model numbers SM-N601 and SM-N605, were recently sent over to India for testing purposes.

Each of these tablets were listed to carry the value of Rs. 25,008 (which when converted, would be approximately $400 a pop), clearly placing it under the mid-range scheme of things, as it is more affordable than the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition (SM-P600) as well as the possible 12.2-inch Note (SM-P900) which Samsung is allegedly working on. While we await additional word on the possible tablet specs, chances are the upgrades will be minor in nature over its predecessor, such as a more recent Android version and perhaps a better camera. Would you want to take your chances with this new tablet from Samsung when it finally arrives as the polished article?

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