samsung-antivirus-preloadEven smartphones these days are not exempt from being attacked by “viruses” – that is, software or code which has been written with negative or malicious intent. Having said that, Samsung, one of the major smartphone manufacturers in the world, intend to do something about the situation by taking the step to begin pre-installing antivirus software on its smartphones, at least according to the folks over at The Wall Street Journal.

Earlier this year in July, a US Department of Homeland Security report which was published showed how Android happened to be the target of 79% of mobile threats, while Apple made up just 0.7% of mobile malware. With the addition of standard anti-virus software that is provided by Lookout, it will be another “safety net” of sorts, joining some of Samsung’s other software-based security enhancements such as the LoJack theft recovery software-based service and Samsung Knox. One thing’s for sure – a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so if you have all the best antivirus software in the world installed on your Android device, but do not follow the best security practices, it would eventually end up to naught. What are some of the safety steps that you have taken so far where your Android-powered smartphone is concerned?

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