xbox-360-support-endThe old is set to fade away each time something new comes, and in this case, the Xbox 360 looks set to ride into the sunset as the Xbox One is due to roll out in the US as well as in Europe in under two months’ time. The thing is, being an early adopter, especially in the world of video game consoles, can be quite a costly affair, which is why Microsoft has decided that those who are not quite ready to make the jump to a next generation console can always check out something more established and mature, like the Xbox 360. In fact, a new sales promotion for the Xbox 360 has been announced, where it will temporarily lower the price of some of its Xbox 360 models and bundles by $50.

A couple of stores, Walmart and GameStop, are ones to offer a $50 discount on some models, where among them include the 4GB with Kinect version as well as the 250GB console. There are other retailers, however, with the likes of Amazon, Target, Best Buy and NFM, who also offer you a way to pick up a $50 gift card for their stores, making it a $100 savings in total for you. Do bear in mind that these are limited time offers, but it has not been stated when will the sale fizzle out. The early bird and all that jazz applies here! [Press Release]

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