It is less than 30 days away before Sonic Lost World is launched for the masses, so here is yet another trailer for you to whet your appetite. The latest Sonic Lost World trailer will provide an extended look at the game’s enemies, and they will be known as the “Deadly Six”. Not quite as evil sounding as the Sinister Six of Marvel Comics’ fame, but I guess it will do in a cartoon-like environment. The half dozen baddies that you will go up against will all come with a name that starts with the letter ‘Z’, that is, Zor, Zazz, Master Zik, Zavok, Zomom and Zeena.

There has been speculation going around that Zavok is going to be the leader among the dirty dozen listed above, since the rest of them do not seem to be archnemesis material, featuring some rather boring personalities. Of course, we could be wrong on this count, as for all you know, Zavok might just end up as the muscle of the group, and it goes without saying that without the presence of Dr. Eggman around in a direct manner, he could be the puppet master pulling all of the strings. All we need to do is wait until October 22nd rolls around and we can get cracking on Sonic Lost World on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

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