ps4-ps-vitaHmmm, to say that anticipation surrounding the upcoming Sony PS4 has been building up slowly but surely is an understatement. In fact, we have seen our fair share of PS4 news over the weekend, where among them include the ability to play the PS4 via the Xbox One’s HDMI In port, not to mention the downer that the HDMI capture ability is not available for the PS4 at launch. Well, for those of you living in Japan, you already know that the PS4 is not going to roll out in that part of the world until February next year, while folks in the US and Europe would already have been able to enjoy their PS4 consoles for a few months already.

Is there any particular reason that the Land of the Rising Sun, home country of Sony itself, will be receiving the PS4 later than other territories? According to Sony’s Masayasu Ito, it is because of a lack of Japanese games. He also happens to be Sony’s senior VP, and he claims that third-party developers in Japan happen to be focusing mostly on the PlayStation Vita at the moment, which means less resources are devoted to the PS4. With a February 2014 release date, it would pave the way for such third-party developers to come up with an actual launch library.

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