All four major U.S. carriers, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint, will launch the new iPhones on the same day, September 20th. Sprint is making an aggressive play to attract more iPhone customers. The carrier will shave off an extra $100 from the prices of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C for customers who port their number to Sprint from any of its rivals. This deal is actually available with all of the smartphones in Sprint’s arsenal, what’s surprising is that it has decided to offer it with the newly announced iPhones as well.

Under this deal, customers who come to Sprint from another carrier will be able to purchase an iPhone 5C for absolutely no money down. The iPhone 5S would come to cost $99.99, obviously with a two year service contract. This has to be the best deal being offered right now for the new iPhones, even better than Walmart which has shaved as much as $20 off the contract price. The 16GB iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S actually cost $99.99 and $199.99 respectively. T-Mobile is offering a somewhat similar deal, the iPhone 5C can be had for no money down and iPhone 5S for only $99.99 upfront, however customers will have to pay the unsubsidized cost of the device in 24 equal monthly payments. Sprint’s savings are instant and can be availed on September 20th, when the new iPhones are launched.

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ProductiPhone 5ciPhone 5s
Display Diagonal (inches)4" (10.2cm)4" (10.2cm)
Megapixel Count8 Megapixel8 Megapixel
Battery Capacity (mAh)1510 mAh1560 mAh
Processor/Soc NameA6A7
RAM Options1 GB,1 GB,
Street Price$605 iPhone 5c on Amazon$185 iPhone 5s on Amazon
Link to full specsiPhone 5c Full specs and detailsiPhone 5s Full specs and details
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