tmobile-signBrand new devices cost a lot of money, which is why carriers typically subsidize smartphones to make it a more affordable option to customers, although the caveat is that customers will be required to sign a two-year contract. However what if carriers were to offer up refurbished devices, which are basically used handsets that have been restored to an almost-new condition? Would that be something you’d be interested in? Well according to a fresh set of rumors, that is what T-Mobile could be planning as their next step in their “Uncarrier” strategy.

The rumors are suggesting that T-Mobile could be looking at stocking refurbished phones in their stores and offering it to customers, presumably as a lower-cost alternative to the brand new model. It is unclear how T-Mobile will keep phones in stock, or if it will just be offered whenever stock is available. The report also claims that it is possible that T-Mobile will do away with deposits on phones as well, although this will apply only to customers who are deemed to be in good standing with the carrier, i.e. no late payments, no outstanding payments, not blacklisted for whatever reasons, and etc. None of this has been confirmed by T-Mobile yet, but what do you guys think?

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