Minecraft might just have a new competitor this time around – and it would be Terraria. In fact, there has been a new patch issued for it, and that is patch version number 1.2. In fact, it was mentioned that the Terraria trailer for patch 1.2 has been shown, and you can view it in the video above. Just to get a little bit of context, Terraria comes across as a mix of Minecraft and Metroid, where it will be able to charge players with a variety of tasks, where among them include digging, crafting, building and exploring a world that is quite unlike from that which we know.

The latest 1.2 patch or update for Terraria will see the inclusion of new weapons, items, enemies and features. Those who want to pick it up will be able to do so from October 1st onward, where it will be made available over on Windows PC via Steam. Have you managed to jump aboard the Terraria bandwagon just yet, and assuming you do not take the stance of favoring one while hating the other, how do you intend to split your time between both games? The addictive factor of games can never be underestimated of course.

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