This 24 Karat Gold iPhone 5S Will Set You Back Just $5,000


If you absolutely love having everything around you gold plated, then you probably scoffed at Apple’s offering of a “goldiPhone 5S, which really isn’t covered in gold, instead, it’s just colored gold. If you’ve been looking for a real gold iPhone 5S, Gold & Co. has finally announced they have launched the world’s first 24 karat gold iPhone 5S handset, offering the device in either plain yellow gold or rose-colored gold. If gold isn’t your thing, Gold & Co. also plans on offering an iPhone 5S completely covered in platinum.

The gold-plated and platinum-covered iPhone 5S will be officially be debuted at the World Luxury Expo in Abu Dhabi where only 250 of each version will be made available. So – how much will it cost you to live in the lap of luxury? The gold iPhone 5S will cost approximately $5,000, the rose gold will cost $5,300 and the platinum version will sell for $5,500. That’s a whole lot of scratch just to walk around with an iPhone that will most likely be obsolete in about a year, but who are we to comment on your spending habits, especially if you have $5,000 sitting around, waiting to be used to purchase a gold iPhone 5S.

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