In my experience playing various Halo games, I know one opponent that you always need to look out for is the one carrying the Needler. Yes – the guy carrying the rocket launcher is also pretty deadly, but if you come across a professional Needler user, then you’re as good as dead as soon as you’re hit with the first round from the weapon. That’s why I’m both extremely impressed and extremely frightened of this Needler replica that was created by Volpin Props.

The Needler replica required a total of 15 molds to be cast in 24 individual parts in order to create it. In total, there are 54 LEDs used on the Needler replica to make all of the important areas of the gun glow, such as the needles themselves and other areas of the weapon. Not only does it have a ton of LEDs, but it also plays three different sound effects, which we would think it’s safe to assume they’re related to the sounds the Needler makes when it’s being fired.

The Needler replica may look light, but it’s nowhere near as portable as you may think as it weighs a total of 10 pounds. If you ever want to be considered to be a real-life Spartan, you better start working out if you want to have the Needler as your weapon of choice.

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