trewgripThey say that those who are visionaries will definitely be able to see beyond the potential hardships and obstacles, and see it through successfully. I guess when it comes to Kickstarter projects, most of the project’s founder(s) would keep their fingers crossed to pass the funding goal within the corresponding period, the sooner, the better, but very few of such projects manage to zip past their funding goal in less than a week. The TREWGrip rear-type keyboard is an interesting idea, where this patent pending device offers a single method of text entry across multiple technology platforms, ranging from mobile devices to desktops and Smart TVs.

The TREWGrip basically enables users to touch-type using all of their 10 fingers whenever they are working on a smartphone or mini-tablet, regardless of whether they are sitting, standing or walking. Not only that, the TREWGrip will feature a gyroscope that enables users to use it as their desktop computer keyboard and mouse. Funding for the TREWGrip rear-type keyboard will end today, and it does not seem as though they will meet the goal unless a miracle happens with just a few more hours to go as at press time, but development is said to continue even afterwards.

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