Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 8.36.01 PMRemember our earlier story on how an unauthorized iMessage app managed to appear over in Google Play? That iMessage app was pretty dubious, where it promised to enable Android users chat with iOS and Mac users via Apple’s iMessage service. Known as iMessage Chat, it did seem as though the developers of that unofficial app managed to discover a way to get through Apple’s servers, but of course, we also did provide a fair amount of warning to avoid this app unless you want to compromise the security of your smartphone or tablet.

The graphical user interface is a poor man’s attempt to copy Apple’s iOS 6 as well as the previous user interface design of the Messages app, and not only that, alarm bells should have rung when it started to ask for your Apple ID username and password. We are glad to announce that the iMessage Chat app has been removed from Google Play, and not a moment sooner. This is a good thing, since it would eliminate plenty of heartache down the road by those who do not know any better. I sure as heck hope that you were not one of those who downloaded this unofficial iMessage Chat app on your Android smartphone!

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