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Walmart’s New Smartphone Trade-In Program Offers $300 For An iPhone 5


Walmart today announced a new smartphone trade-in program. Customers who trade-in their old smartphones will be immediately given credit that can be put towards the purchase of a new smartphone. Over 3,600 Walmart outlets and Sam’s Club locations across the U.S. are participating in this program. Immediate credit will range between $50 to $300 and will be offered for more than 100 different smartphones. The device’s condition will definitely be a huge factor in determining the amount of credit. Walmart provides an example, a working non-damaged iPhone 5 will net the customer $300. For Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S2 in working and non-damaged condition, Walmart will provide $175 and $52 in credit respectively.

Customers just have to take in their smartphone to a participating location and answer a few simple and unbiased questions about the device’s specifications and conditions. The credit can only be applied towards the purchase of a new smartphone, either with a new two year contract or a smartphone that’s available with a prepaid plan.¬†Walmart’s trade-in program kicks off on September 21st, a day after Apple is expected to release the new iPhones. Apple recently started its very own trade-in program at retail stores across the U.S., it too offers immediate credit that can be used to purchase a new iPhone.

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