idc_2013_vietnamBased on recent figures released by various groups, one thing is clear and that is Windows Phone’s market share is definitely on the rise. Granted for the most part the platform seems to be trailing behind the likes of Android and iOS, but it is clear that it is growing, and if things keep going Microsoft’s way, the tortoise and the hare fable would seem like an appropriate analogy. To that extent it seems that Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is doing quite well for themselves in Vietnam where the platform is actually in second place, with Android taking the lead.

This is according to the IDC whose recent figures have shown that the Windows Phone platform has grown from 5.7% back in 2012, to a whopping 15.3% in 2013! In fact in Vietnam, Windows Phone dominates iOS, with iOS sitting at a meager 1.6%. IDC has suggested that it is due to Nokia’s offering of low-end devices like the Lumia 520 that has allowed the Windows Phone platform to pave a road into the Vietnamese market. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Lumia 520 become a success in emerging markets, as earlier reports have pegged the device as a major success in regions such as India as well.

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