We’re not sure just how popular gamerpics are these days for the Xbox 360 as avatars have taken over the need for a topical or cool gamerpic. When the Xbox 360 first launched, Microsoft launched a rather small number of gamerpics, which they eventually expanded on in the coming years. It looks as though Microsoft isn’t entirely giving up on its gamerpics as they will be making a total of 300 different gamerpics available at the launch of the Xbox One.

Xbox Live head Marc Whitten spoke with Official Xbox Magazine about all of the possibilities Microsoft is considering for the Xbox One’s gamerpics. “We are focused on building out a beautiful collection of 1080p gamerpics for our users on Xbox One,” Whitten said. “You’ll also be able to create full-body poses of your Avatar to use as a gamerpic. You’ll see us do much more here in the future. At launch, we expect to have 300 gamerpics to choose from.”

That’s quite a few gamerpics to choose from, and best of all, they’ll be 1080p images, which obviously means they’ll be of better quality than the Xbox 360’s gamerpics. Having the option of creating a full-body gamerpic from your Avatar is also a pretty cool idea, although we’re curious to see just how dynamic those poses can be.

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