Redesigned_Xbox_360_13708956936372When it comes to playing online on console, Sony PlayStation gamers get PSN, while Xbox gamers get Xbox Live. Given that Xbox Live requires a paid subscription to play, and PSN is basically free, you would think that gamers would flock more to the free option, right? Well interestingly enough it turns out that more gamers play on the Xbox Live compared to the PSN. This is according to NPD’s recent “Online Gaming” report for 2013 where they found that nearly 50% more online console gamers favored the Xbox 360 compared to the PlayStation 3.

While the Xbox 360 is topping sales in the US, the PS3 did have the Xbox 360 beat when it comes to worldwide sales, suggesting that there would be more players, which we guess would lead to more players on PSN compared to Xbox Live. It is unclear as to why gamers prefer the Xbox 360, but some reasons offered include how the PS3 is viewed more as a entertainment device versus a more game-focused one. Not to mention the hacking of the PlayStation Network from back in 2011 might have contributed to gamers preferring the more “secure” Xbox 360. What do you guys think? Is there a reason you might prefer the Xbox 360 for online gaming versus the PS3?

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