13.10.24-FlashWhen Apple released OS X Mavericks to the public, not only did they introduce a new look and a host of new features to consumers, but they have also introduced added security to Mac computers as well with one of them through the use of the App Sandbox feature. Now it seems that after years of taking abuse and having to fight off malware and exploits through Adobe Flash Player, Adobe has announced that they will be taking advantage of App Sandbox which should help restrict malicious code from running outside of OS X Maverick’s native browser, Safari.

Thanks to the App Sandbox feature, it will allow Adobe to limit the plugin’s capabilities to read and write files, along with defining what sort of assets their Flash Player will be able to access. In a statement made by Adobe platform security specialist, Peleus Uhley, “Safari users on OS X Mavericks can view Flash Player content while benefiting from these added security protections […] We’d like to thank the Apple security team for working with us to deliver this solution.” This is not the first time that Adobe has attempted sandboxing as they have done so with other browsers in the past, such as with Google Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox, and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, but we guess Safari has since been added to that list.

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