ai-plate-1[CEATEC 2013] We took a gander at Asukanet’s Aerial Imaging (AI) plate last year, where the premise of this particular setup was extremely simple – it will project an image that looks as though a “hologram” is being projected ala Star Wars. The projection itself will be placed at a 45-degree angle from the display, where your peripheral vision would be able to “capture” this “hologram” within a radius of 40-degrees. It does seem as though the image quality has improved, and there are several new applications that were demonstrated on the showfloor.

Among them include sitting on a gaming chair with a steering wheel in front of you, and while you drive your virtual ride around, the AI plate will show off your virtual dashboard so that you get a more realistic gaming experience, such as the speedometer being where it is supposed to be instead of on the screen like what all normal driving games depict these days.

There was also another demonstration which allows a greater degree of privacy for those who are at an ATM trying to withdraw cold, hard cash. After all, with such a small angle for one to see the display, it would certainly help reduce instances of folks seeing what you are up to, although I think that right now, the cost of outfitting existing ATM machines with such technology would be a whole lot more expensive compared to using one of those privacy screens.

Apart from that, the service industry might benefit from such a novelty, and I saw a fake sushi bar that had virtual images of the kind of sushi that you can order, and since you are able to manipulate the “hologram” by touching or pointing to the correct spot, it is somewhat a step up from existing kaiten sushi joints that feature touchscreen displays for you to make your selections.

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