Its not unusual for Hollywood stars to lend their voices in video games, particularly insanely popular video games such as Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series. Stars such as Ray Liotta and Samuel L. Jackson have voiced characters in the game before, and apparently Alec Baldwin was given the chance to join that distinguished list a few years ago, but he turned the offer down. Baldwin, of 30 Rock fame, made the revelation while talking with Indiewire.

Baldwin revealed that many years ago, he was approached by “the makers of Grand Theft Auto” to lend his voice to a mobster in the game, presumably for Grand Theft Auto 2. He says that he was offered an “incomprehensible amount of money” just for a day or two’s work. Seems like he really was offered a lot of money, because Baldwin regards the offer multiple times as “pile of money” and “ridiculous amount of money.” However, he chose not to do it because the mobster character was a cop killer, and he had issues with that. Baldwin says that he refused to do the job because of his reputation, adding that he already has “enough problems with the press as it is.” Sucks for Baldwin fans though, doesn’t it? They probably would have loved to see him channel Jack Donaghy as a mobster.

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