amiigo-2[CEATEC 2013] Here is one Indiegogo project that has definitely passed the mark of success. In fact, it managed to raise $580,000 plus instead of the $90,000 goal, which means more than 6 times of what it needed. Having said that, the Amiigo fitness bracelet was demonstrated today on the showfloor, with a model punching the air as well as performing high kicks to show off just how technology can end up as a viable exercising companion, where all of the vital details and information will be stored and displayed on your smartphone. There are iOS and Android versions of the app, so BlackBerry and Windows Phone users will just have to sit this one out.

Will it be effective enough in motivating you to use it and burn off additional calories? That really depends, this could end up as a far more affordable “exercise machine” that you will never use. At least if it were to gather dust at the end of the day, it is not going to be too painful a reminder of the money burned compared to a high tech treadmill.

Motivation is the key thing to getting an adequate amount of exercise in, not to mention requiring it to be fun. Of course, having tools of the trade to be the catalyst will definitely help, but at the end of the day, the tool itself is not going to be the main reason – and it should not be, too, for you to get in shape.

Here is another action shot of the Amiigo fitness bracelet in action for those who want to use tech to keep fit instead of doing it the old fashioned way.


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