campus 2Apple is certainly a visionary company when it comes to design, so it is no surprise to hear that their carbon-balanced Campus 2 project will be “walkable”, making it unique in that sense since it will help foster collaboration between colleagues, according to Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer.


When faced with some questions from the press, Oppenheimer replied, “The innovation that I believe that will come with the team, particularly in the collaborative environment that we’re going to build will be immeasurable. We have built the building to be very walkable. You might begin your day in one part of the building and as the day progresses you might find yourself in another part of the building working with other teams.”

It goes without saying that a conducive working environment is crucial in getting the kind of high flying results that Apple has come to be identified with in recent years. Google too, has an office that has been deemed to be one of the best places to work, and we are excited to see what Apple will be able to conjure up with their Campus 2. Imagine starting work at one part of the building and finishing it the other end. Not too great when you just want to get home quickly and realize your car is parked all the way back, no?

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