Belkin Skorpion Will Detect Malware While Recharging Your Android Device

If there are two things Android users are constantly thinking about when they’re walking around with their device in their pocket or bag, we’d guess it’d be “How’s my battery?” and “Did I download any malware recently?” Recharging your battery is pretty easy as you can just plug your device into a wall or a portable charger, but knowing whether or not your live wallpaper of Adventure Time has malware hidden inside of it is a bit more difficult. Thankfully, Belkin has unveiled a new portable charger that helps keep your Android device both charged and safe from any malware.

For the Belkin Skorpion, Belkin collaborated with Kaprica Security to create a battery charger that can also detect any viruses, malware or malicious rootkits that may have been installed onto your Android device without you realizing it. Using the Skorpion is easy as all you’ll need to do is plug it into your Android device, which you can then enjoy it checking your device for malware while it also charges it at the same time.

Belkin has yet to confirm the pricing on its Skorpion as well as its release date. As soon as they do, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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