BlackBerry-z10-10With BlackBerry’s declining popularity and with reports of the company recently announcing an operating loss, many have assumed that the Canadian company is on the way to its grave unless someone comes and bails them out. While it might seem that way on the surface, perhaps BlackBerry’s demise and troubles might be greatly exaggerated, at least that’s what a recent report by the Yankee Group seems to suggest. According to the recently published report, it basically tallies up the second quarter results from both Motorola and HTC and based on that report, it was found that despite BlackBerry’s troubles, they were still outselling both these two companies despite the recent BlackBerry Z10 inventory write-down.

For example HTC had recently announced their own operating loss of $101 million, a first of the Taiwanese company in a long time, while Motorola’s own operating loss was reported at $208 million. It was also found that BlackBerry had managed to reach the one million mark of Z10 units sold in the first quarter, versus Nokia who only managed to reach that mark with one of their Lumia devices after it had been on the market for a year. While this report certainly does not negate the problems that BlackBerry is currently facing, it does add some perspective to the entire proceedings. What do you guys think? Is BlackBerry’s demise greatly exaggerated?

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