BlackBerry-LogoJust the other day it was reported that analyst firm, Gartner, had suggested to their enterprise clients that they should start finding alternatives to using BlackBerry products and gave them a six month window to do in the event that BlackBerry really does close its doors (which we doubt will be as drastic as Gartner makes it out to be). In any case this does not make BlackBerry sound very good or relay a sense of confidence to BlackBerry’s investors and future customers, and BlackBerry has since responded with a statement of their own (via CIO), addressing the analysis that Gartner has provided to its customers.

According to the statement made by BlackBerry, they believe that Gartner’s analysis is “purely speculative”, and that they remain committed to “deliver the most secure and powerful mobile management solutions and smartphones to our customers.” BlackBerry also boasts that they are the only Enterprise Mobile Management platform to have been awarded the “Authority to Operate” on the US Department of Defense Networks. Essentially BlackBerry is trying to reassure their customers that they are not going anywhere, but what do you guys think? Should enterprise users really start looking for alternatives? Or do you think BlackBerry will remain the choice of enterprise users in the foreseeable future?

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