BlackBerry Sells 200 Z30 Units In 2 Hours During Malaysian Launch

z30_myDespite BlackBerry not exactly being the hottest brand at the moment (although they did nab a spot on Top 100 Innovators of 2013), it seems that the company still has a handful of loyal customers as evidenced in Malaysia where the BlackBerry Z30 was launched a couple of days ago on the 5th of October. The handset was offered by local carrier, Celcom, and the launch saw about 100 individuals who started lining up as early as 8am. According to the reports, BlackBerry managed to sell about 200 units of the BlackBerry Z30 in a matter of 2 hours, and we expect that the number will grow as more customers are introduced to the device over time.

We’re not sure how many Z30 units have been sold worldwide, but 200 units in 2 hours is a pretty decent effort by BlackBerry, granted it is not the eye-watering millions that companies such as Apple and Samsung have managed to rack up in the past. The BlackBerry Z30 will be BlackBerry’s largest handset to date and sports a 5” HD display and a quad-core processor, making it a more attractive device in a market where large displays are starting to become a highly desired feature. Will BlackBerry be able to replicate this success in other markets? We guess only time will tell.

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