BlackBerry Z30 Could See $700 Off-Contract Price Tag

bbz30The BlackBerry Z30 was officially announced a few weeks ago and we’re sure some of you guys are wondering just how much this bad boy will cost you. While it is not a guarantee that the US market or markets around the world will adhere to this price, you can use it as a rough indication of what to expect. Thanks to a leaked screenshot obtained by the folks at Mobile Syrup, it has been revealed that the upcoming BlackBerry Z30 will cost $700 in Canada, but it should be noted that this price is for the device off-contract. Those who do not enjoy being tied to a contract can look forward to paying for the device in full, although it was not mentioned as to how much it would cost with a contract and after it has been subsidized, but presumably we can look forward to prices of $149 or maybe even $199.

For our Canadian readers, the handset is set to launch on the 15th of October and you can look forward to picking it up then with the exception of Rogers as the carrier has announced they will not be stocking it. The BlackBerry Z30 is a 5” 720p HD phablet and will feature a quad-core chipset and what BlackBerry is calling “Natural Sound” technology.  We’re not sure if the Z30 will be enough to save the company but BlackBerry users who wished that their devices had a larger display, this would be it.

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