BMW i3 Gets Range Extender Option

bmw-i3-extended-rangeHave wheels, will travel, and that is more or less what we would think of when it comes to owning a car. Earlier this year in July, we did bring you the unveiling of the all electric BMW i3, where the starting price of $41,350 did make it pretty pricey compared to other gas-powered cars. Back then, BMW did not mention just how much will the gas-powered engine version cost. Well, it seems that all of that waiting has finally paid off, as we do know that the gas-powered version of the BMW i3 will cost $45,300 a pop, which would be a $3,950 premium.

The overall cost for the SAE Combo DC Fast Charge option that enables the BMW i3’s owner to fill up its battery to 80 percent in just 20 minutes, or to touch 100 percent in half an hour, remains unspecified. Perhaps when it comes to the Los Angeles Auto Show that is set to happen in November, more details will be shared. The BMWi3 will hit the US market sometime in the second quarter of next year. The Range Extender option would arrive in the form of a 650cc, two-cylinder engine which is capable of churning out 34 horsepower which will more or less double the i3’s 80-to-100 mile electric range, courtesy of a relatively diminutive 2.4-gallon tank.

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