briggoIf there is one reason (or perhaps, in this case, a few reasons) that employers might prefer robots to be their employees rather than humans, it could be due to the fact that robots do not whine and groan, they do not go on strike and neither do they ask for a raise every single year. Sure, they need maintenance, but they do not claim to be on medical leave and lie about it. Best of all is, they do not tire out, and need just the right algorithm to get working as efficiently as possible without having to train. The Briggo coffee kiosk could provide some intense competition to baristas in the future, as it can memorize every single order from the customer, and neither will there be a line for its perfectly turned-out drinks.

Kevin Nater, CEO of the company that rolls out the Briggo coffee kiosk, is seen to be an instrument that folks are able to use to create their ideal coffee experience, sort of as a “out-of-home coffee drinkers” experience. The Briggo coffee kiosk will also come covered in fake wood paneling and a touchscreen display, where it is roughly the same size as a pair of phone booths.

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