blackberry-q10-unboxing-10Last we heard, there is a good chance that BlackBerry will be bought out by Fairfax for a cool $4.7 billion, and the company is expected to be taken private, although that number could be less now after the price per share has been dropped to $5. In any case this is hardly the end of the company as they are merely being taken private, presumably to sort out their problems before coming back stronger than ever, we hope, but in the meantime there are others who feel differently and are abandoning ship.

According to Philip Clarke of Nemertes Research, companies are looking to abandon BlackBerry for their enterprise use and as it stands, about 29.4% of companies have since dropped BlackBerry, with another 11.8% planning to do so in 2013, with an addition 29.4% evaluating EOL status, meaning that it is possible that about 70.6% of companies could end up dropping BlackBerry’s enterprise services.

Interestingly enough, with platforms such as iOS and Android to choose from, companies have instead decided to turn to Windows Phone, with 16.7% of companies planning to adopt it, while 20.8% are evaluating its effectiveness. This is likely due to integration with current infrastructure, such as productivity tools like Word, Excel, and etc. If anything it looks like BlackBerry’s plans to secure the number 3 position in the smartphone market will not be coming to fruition.

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