battlefield-4-beta-windowsBack in E3 2013 earlier this year, Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs was definitely one of the more interesting games demoed at the event, but unfortunately it seems that the game was delayed and will not be launched alongside the next-gen consoles from both Microsoft and Sony. As it turns out, Battlefield 4 was almost similarly delayed as well according to DICE’s executive produce, Patrick Bach, who sympathizes fully with the folks at Ubisoft. Speaking to, Bach was asked how DICE and Battlefield 4 could benefit from the delay. According to Bach, “I think people might not grasp how hard that is, to develop a game at the same time as the hardware.”

Bach went on to state that there was a point in time where they almost considered delaying Battlefield 4 as well, but managed to overcome their issues and keep to their schedule. “Talking about Watch_Dogs, I don’t blame them, there are times when we’ve considered doing the same thing – luckily we’ve overcome those hurdles and thought about what the game actually is on the next gen. We’ve had an excellent team working that out at the same time as the game itself, which is a big struggle.” Naturally games being delayed is bad news for gamers, but at the same time would you rather play a rushed game, or one that has been carefully thought out even though it might take longer to reach you?

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