DICE Recommends Xbox 360 Battlefield 4 Players Install 14GB Of Content Onto Their Drives


Prior to Grand Theft Auto 5’s release, we learned Rockstar Games would require both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 players to install 8GB of data onto their hard drives prior to being able to play the game. This seemed like a pretty crazy amount of data to be installed, although EA has upped the ante as they will give Xbox 360 players the option to install 14GB of data onto their hard drives.

When Xbox 360 owners pick up their copy of Battlefield 4 later this month, a mandatory 2GB install will greet them the moment they pop in their disc and fire up the game. DICE, though, recommends players go all in and install 14GB of data onto their hard drives in order to improve the game’s experience on the Xbox 360.

Battlefield 4 comes in two discs that separates the multiplayer and single-player portions of the game. The multiplayer disc has an additional 6.6GB of content, while the single-player disc has 5.8GB of installation content. DICE is recommending Battlefield 4 players install all of this content onto their Xbox 360 hard drive “make sure you have the best experience possible.”

If you’re picking up Battlefield 4 on the Xbox 360, will you take DICE’s advice and install all of the game’s content onto your hard drive?

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