Ctrlv2_KRM_fron_72dpiThere definitely isn’t anything as great sounding to one’s ears other than a pair of good headphones – with the right kind of music thrown into the mix, of course. eskuché knows this, which is why they have introduced what they call the “Kream of the Krop”, which is a pair of headphones that come with a classic aesthetic that relies on the classic industrial design of the 1960’s and the 70’s Stereo and Hi-Fi eras. It will be fused with modern sound, where eskuché will be able to deliver a clean, consistent low end and mid range, accompanied by vocal clarity. As for the titanium membrane that can be found on the 45v2’s dynamic driver, it will reintroduce a warm, refreshing experience which was synonymous with the hi-fi era of yore.

Apart from that, there is also a new Control v2 KRM that will be now available at select Apple and Best Buy stores later this week. It is definitely a cool take on slick vintage design that will be merged with high quality modern sound. Arriving in a classic rectangular ear cup shape, where it has been calibrated with clamping force for custom fit. Not only that, there is also a plush ear cup cushioning, and a soft, padded, pliable headband which delivers hours of comfortable listening. The asking price? $59.95 a pop.

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