We’re sure you’ve come across some people who absolutely cannot make a decision, especially if they’re under pressure. There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting around waiting for a person to make a simple decision as to what they’re going to have for dinner or what they plan on wearing. That’s why if you have trouble making decisions for yourself, you need to an Executive Decision Maker Pro in your life.

The Executive Decision Maker Pro is a device that will make decisions for you by pressing its “Decide” button. When that button is pressed, the device will flash either a Yes or No for four seconds. Once you have received your answer, you can clear it with the device’s “Reset” button, which you can then proceed to ask it another question if you still can’t make up your mind about something.

The Executive Decision Maker Pro can be assembled, that is, if you have the technical know how to create it. For the rest of us who have absolutely no experience creating things, you can purchase a ready-to-assemble kit for just $57.50, which includes all the parts you need, although its circuit board doesn’t come assembled.

If that still sounds like too much work for you, we recommend you pick up a Magic 8-ball for yourself.

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