teen-facebookWhen we were young, all we wanted to do was grow up so that we can do all the stuff that grown ups do. There is that sense of thrill and adventure to it, of course. Well, Facebook recently made an announcement concerning another change in the site’s usage terms, which would see previous restrictions on the way that minors used the social network lifted up. Basically, anyone is now able to post publicly, whereas in the past, only those who were 18 and above could do so, while minors were restricted to just sharing updates with friends or friends of friends.

Facebook mentioned, “While only a small fraction of teens using Facebook might choose to post publicly, this update now gives them the choice to share more broadly, just like on other social media services.” I would suppose that other social media services here would refer to Twitter and Instagram, and this move was most probably made to make sure it does not get left out otherwise there is the risk of seeing its user market share drop. All right now, I guess all of you young ones out there will whoop with joy and perform a celebratory dance, but seriously, how much more different would your life be? The world doesn’t need another angsty or emo-laden public post as there is the news which does that already.

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