fliwerWhen it comes to sensor devices, we have seen our fair share of wearable sensors in the past that would do their bit to help us keep track of our daily activity movement, including the number of steps taken as well as amount of calories burned, the works. Heck, it was just earlier today that we talked about the FitBit Bug, where it offered a highly affordable device that does most of what the more expensive personal activity trackers do. Well, apart from humans, plants too, might want in on the action. Case in point, the Fliwer sensor that will be able to monitor just about everything concerning your plants. These measurements would include soil moisture, light, temperature, air humidity, and fertilizer levels among others.

Right now, Fliwer is a Kickstarter project, and it will not only be able to inform you of just when you should start to water your plants, but you will also be notified on when you ought to fertilize, prune, harvest or expect the plants to flower. The device has also been given a social slant, allowing you to learn, chat, and share useful tips with other Fliwer users. Just in case this idea looks familiar, perhaps the Parrot Flower Power smart wireless plant sensor that was demonstrated to us at this year’s CES had something to do with it?

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