It has been said that the GeForce Experience has managed to earn its stripes by being effective tool for gamers, as it makes short work of downloading drivers, offering the recommended optimal settings for leading titles, and being specially tailored to the system specifications of each user’s system. Well, when this October 28th arrives, NVIDIA will roll out GeForce Experience 1.7 on, and within that will also see the introduction of GeForce ShadowPlay Beta, which is a highly anticipated gameplay capture tool.


Not only is it fast, it is also free and easy-to-use. ShadowPlay would be the brand new approach to gameplay recording, where it will make use of an on-board H.264 encoder that has been integrated into the GeForce GTX 600 and 700 Series graphics cards, in addition to offering an innovative recording mode which will be able to shadow just about every single in-game move of yours.

For instance, the Shadow Mode would follow your gameplay, saving the last ten to twenty minutes of action into a temporary buffer on your storage device of choice (a hard drive would be recommended in this case). Imagine pulling off an impressive move – won’t that come in handy to make the rest of your mates go green with envy when you play it back later on? In order to enjoy GeForce ShadowPlay Beta this October 28th, you’ll first need a GeForce GTX 650 or higher desktop GPU, the latest Geforce drivers, and GeForce Experience 1.7.

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