No, Project Shield has nothing to do with the gaming rig from NVIDIA, but rather, Google has just announced this initiative that intends to ensure that smaller activist sites will be able to remain active and running during Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. The project’s initial focus would be on offering protection to under-resourced sites that serve up what they call “media, elections, and human rights related content.”

Right now, Project Shield has seen action to assist a bunch of small sites in sensitive areas to remain up and running even though they come under attack from civilian and governmental hackers. Project Shield has so far notched up some notable “victories” underneath its belt, including a Persian-language social and political blog, a website that offers early warnings of scud missile attacks to folks who happen to live in war torn Syria, as well as enabled a Kenyan election monitoring service to remain up for the entire election duration. Unfortunately, this is an exclusive “club” as it remains an invite-only service, with additional invitations being rolled out on a “rolling basis.”

What do you think of this particular initiative? We do wonder what the effective rate is when it comes to DDoS protection against external hackers.

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