google-shopping-localGoogle’s Google Shopping online service has just been updated, as Google has tried to localize the shopping experience for the end user. All you need to do is enter the name of a product, and who knows, you might just be able to check out an ad from a local merchant. The ad itself could be linked to a retailer’s site, allowing you to check out the product before paying a visit to the actual store. When it comes to Google’s commerce blog, they will put up an example on how someone who is browsing through a particular fragrance could discover a link to a local store from where he is able to check out the pricing, availability, see similar items, in addition to obtaining the hours of the brick and mortar store, and make a phone call if required.

Where the product information is concerned, it would include pricing and availability that hails from the Google Merchant Center, which in turn receives the information straight from retailers. These very same retailers will have to pony up for the Product Listing Ads, of course, where it is based on a per click basis. At this point in time, this information will be available to a limited number of retailers. [Press Release]

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