gta-onlineLast we heard Rockstar’s latest game, Grand Theft Auto 5, will be getting a DLC update in the form of Grand Theft Auto Online, and that the update will be arriving on the 1st of October and sure enough it has. The update has started to make its way onto consoles and will be available for download via Sony’s PlayStation Network and Microsoft’s Xbox Live, with the update coming in at 59MB. GTA Online will allow GTA gamers to come together in the GTA world, which we guess could be thought of as an MMO of sorts, and making it a first for Rockstar, at least as far as the Grand Theft Auto franchise is concerned.

According to Rockstar, it is expected that the first few weeks of the update’s release could be spent by the developers tuning the game in order to make the experience a good one for you. What this means is that gamers can expect to find bugs and glitches within the game, which is expected from brand new launches, so don’t be put off if you find any, but rather just report it to Rockstar who will look into it and issue an update for it eventually. GTA Online will allow up to 16 gamers to play together simultaneously and allow them to participate in missions together, or simply get together and tear it up. More information on the update can be found on Rockstar’s blog, but in the meantime keep your eyes peeled for the update on your console!

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