gyration-go-plusSMK-Link Electronics Corporation, which happens to be a subsidiary of SMK Electronics as well as the owner of Gyration, Inc., has just announced that they have introduced recent enhancements in the wireless performance of its Gyration Air Mouse GO Plus. The main reason behind doing so? They want to make it the natural choice for K12 classroom as well as collegiate amphitheater applications. Thanks to its patented gesture-based cursor control as well as robust 100’ wireless range, the improved Air Mouse GO Plus could very well end up as the instructor’s first choice when it comes to using it with interactive whiteboards, PowerPoint lectures and multimedia presentations.

Do you think that such a high tech setup would be able to result in a better batch of students who can retain more of what they have learned in the classroom? I guess there are plenty of parameters to keep track of, but with the added advantage of technology, there will surely be an increase in certain performance metrics for sure. The Gyration Air Mouse GO Plus will be able to ply nice with digital projectors as well as whiteboards that are already in place, which would allow it to enable interactive control from a distance of up to 100 feet away, now how about that? Any takers for the $99.99 Gyration Air Mouse GO Plus? [Press Release]

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