There is an inefficiency in hyperlocal weather forecasting which has resulted in sometimes non-existent, erroneous as well as generic predictions – which is why it affects both private as well as public sectors, in addition to civilian property and safety. Do you know that the U.S. averages 1.5 million weather-related accidents annually? That adds up to around 700,000 injuries, 7,000 deaths and $42 billion in economic costs. In order to make sure that this efficiency gap is closed, global aerospace and defense company Exelis has decided to work on Helios, an environmental intelligence platform which is able to deliver a nationwide network of cameras as well as imaging analytics which can detect hyperlocal weather conditions.

Helios would merge thousands of traffic and surveillance cameras into a single source of information, where it can then detect changing weather conditions in real time, including changes in visibility, precipitation and road surface conditions. This would go some lengths in saving time, money, property and civilian lives. Not only that, it can also double up as a way to support a range of businesses and governmental entities, where among them include national and local agencies, commercial weather companies, utility companies, transportation and logistics networks, insurance companies and local responders, among others. Check out the video above to know more about Helios and what it can do. [Product Page]

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